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Production plant

Welcome to the site of the Production Plant.

For many years CONDIX SA has featured a Production Plant specializing in the following areas:

    • design and production of light steel structures, with the use of in-house design solutions
    • production of doors, windows and covering walls made of Reynaers aluminum profiles


Suggested use of Jansen steel profiles:

  • public utility buildings, industrial constructions

Advantages of structures made of Jansen steel profiles:

  • durability and aesthetics of welds
  • resistance to mechanical damage
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Why us?

    • We manufacture highest quality fire-proof doors and barriers made of Jansen steel profiles, all boasting excellent technical parameters.
    • We have Conformity Certificates and Technical Approvals issued by the Building Research Institute (ITB) for the performance of Swiss-made Jansen steel structures.
    • We are ready, both in terms of technical and organizational issues, to build steel structures punctually and according to the needs of our customers.
    • We also manufacture safe and eco-friendly structures made of Reynaers aluminium profiles.
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Why us ?

    • Our new production hall is equipped with hi-end equipment running on professional software: SolidWorks, ReynAL, JANISOFT, S-CAD- Janisoft, AutoCad which we use to design steel and aluminum structures and to create detailed technical documentation, thus meeting our customers’ expectations.
    • We are known for meeting deadlines and following agreement stipulations.
    • We operate according to our Quality Policy which guarantees permanent control over the quality of the manufactured goods.
    • Our staff have many years of experience in designing, manufacturing and assembly of steel structures for Polish and foreign investors.
    • We use closed steel Jansen profiles supplied by KÖNIG STAHL, a renown manufacturer.

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