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Gallery for limestone conveyor and gas pipeline

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Realization: Gallery for limestone conveyor and gas pipeline.
Investment: Design and realization of limestone conveyor gallery
City or town:

Koryazhma, Russia

Year of commencement: 2012-06
Description: The structure of conveyor has been designed and then constructed without interrupting normal work of the plant. Route of the technological bridge - marked out in a difficult area between: existing pipeline, railway and fire road.
Object was located in a weak soil area with poor inventory of underground infrastructure, with the possibility of uneven settling. The basic installation of steel structure with technology was carried out at temperatures below -25 degrees Celsius within 15 days. We used, among others, self-propelled crane of 450 tons, which under these conditions worked on the extreme parameters. The device has been launched after two days of the completion of the assembly of the structure.
The entire structural system is characterized with high stiffness and adjustable geometry, which allows to compensate the impact of excessive subsidence and caused by it - extra stress. The ability of this had to be checked initially on numerical models.
The structure of the bridge for different reasons - such as: transport, logistics and customs, has been designed in the most readable way, with the maximum degree of prefabrication. In this way the construction has been deprived of many small elements. Which allowed us to and minimize assembly operations in hard climatic conditions.
Transfer tower constituted a fixed point.
The horizontal displacement of the end supports has been achieved by turning the upper part of the spatial supports (resembling human-shapes) relative to the fulcrum.
The average height of the conveyor above ground level is approximately 20m.
The total weight of the structure is about 200 tons.
The bridge counts in a straight line approximately 160m and it is supported only on three main vertical supports: two rocker-end columns and the central transfer tower.


Gallery for limestone conveyor and gas pipeline