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Quality Policy


The main purpose of CONDIX S.A. is to provide high quality comprehensive service for the customer in the planned and supervised way. The purpose was specified through the optimization of all preparation processes and providing comprehensive investment process from the idea by designing, realization, up to the finishing of the “turn-key” object at full customer’s satisfaction.

Accomplishing customer’s requirements:

•    we initiate the preparation of optimal design-manufacturing solutions
•    we observe the terms of contract, improve the methods and production means, also measuring and control equipment
•    we provide ourselves with the strong position on the market and constant development

The realization of accepted quality purposes goes through:

• cooperation with the best cooperating companies and suppliers of the newest technologies and with research centers.
• implementation of new organizational and technical solutions for improving the quality of the service and ensuring customer’s satisfaction.
• organization of the system of trainings for raising professional skills of employees
• controlling the effectiveness of implemented quality-focused solutions

We are aware of our purposes and aspirations. We are constantly implementing effective management methods, thanks to that we can recognize and fulfill needs of our Customers.
Our integrated management system is matching ISO 9001, ISO 14001, PN-N 18001 norms and the standardization publication AQAP-2110.

Managing director
Krzysztof Raczek

Environmental policy


The environmental management is one of priorities and key factors of the balanced development of the company.

We declare:

•    to work on reduction and prevention of the environmental pollution,
•    to respect requirements related to the environmental protection according to the legal provisions
•    to apply protection which can help to prevent extraordinary danger for natural environment
•    to reduce amount of produced wastes and energy consumption factors, also water for industrial purposes
•    to rationalize material consumption

We constantly want to improve the accepted by us liabilities based on functioning Integrated Management System based among others on requirements of PN EN ISO 14001:2005 norm.
The board of directors and the company’s staff altogether undertake to follow this politics and commit to realize it.

Occupational health and safety politics


Our main purpose in OHS is protecting employees performing production against the loss of life and health.
We assure that we’ll make every effort for:

•    removing danger from workstations
•    protecting employees against injuries.

We provide appropriate and sufficient means, including human resources for effective realization of presented OHS politics.
The awareness in the job security is an element in the properly shaped ethical attitude of company’s employees.

We provide systematic trainings for raising qualifications for understanding important issues of OHS and one's role in the system of managing OHS.
OHS matters are the main part in the company and the employer is conscious of his responsibility for the state of OHS.
Every work must be performed according to the provisions and principles of the OHS, regardless of the costs and other related charges.

As the employer, on behalf of himself and all employees takes responsibility for the implementation of occupational health and safety politics, and on behalf of myself Managers of all rungs will make all the efforts to improve it.