CONDIX is a family company with 100% Polish capital, thriving on the European market since 1991.

The main founder of the company, as well as the president of the board is mgr inż. construction engineer Krzysztof Raczek, whose passion for construction and solving unconventional construction and technological problems allowed him to gather around himself a well-coordinated team of engineers who have been forming the core of the CONDIX company for years.

Many years of experience and cooperation with well-known Investors from many countries allow us to comprehensively undertake the most serious engineering tasks characterized by a high degree of complexity and complexity. Optimization of technical and economic solutions already at the design stage, own innovative construction solutions as well as considerable organizational, equipment and workshop capabilities, and above all permanent staff are the basic advantages of the company that allow it to efficiently and quickly conduct complex multi-branch construction projects.

CONDIX has its own highly qualified engineering staff employed in the design office and on construction sites. The company focuses on the development of young engineers, which is why it supports the initiative of the Construction Schools in Poznań.


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