We manage projects of any complexity

The overriding goal of CONDIX S.A. is to provide the Client with high-quality comprehensive services of any complexity in a planned and supervised manner.

This goal was determined by optimizing all procedures for preparing and carrying out a comprehensive investment process, from the idea through design, execution, to the completion of the "turnkey" facility with the full satisfaction of our client.

Meeting the customer's requirements:

•  we initiate the preparation of optimal design and execution solutions,
•  we comply with the terms of the contract, we improve methods and means of production as well as control and measurement equipment,
•  we ensure a strong market position and continuous development

The implementation of the quality objectives adopted by us takes place through:

•  cooperation with the best partners and suppliers of the latest technologies and with research centres,
•  introducing new organizational and technical solutions improving the quality of services and ensuring customer satisfaction.
•  organizing a system of trainings improving employees' professional skills,
•  controlling the effectiveness of implemented pro-quality solutions,

We are aware of our goals and aspirations. We constantly introduce effective management methods, thanks to which we can recognize and meet the needs of our clients.
Our integrated management system is compliant with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, PN-N 18001 standards.